Mission & Purpose


Mission Statement

 The mission of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce is to promote a positive business environment in the Westfield community. 


The Westfield Chamber of Commerce strives to enhance the business, educational, recreational, spiritual and cultural development of the community through the
participation of its business, professional, and community members. This purpose is based on the desire to promote a favorable business climate and a positive quality of life.


The above mission and purpose guides the direction of the decisions and the goals that are made by the Board of Directors. Among the goals of this chamber, which serves
all of Washington Township, is to bring a variety of business districts within the township closer together, forming an even stronger and more cohesive voice of local business.

The Westfield Chamber or Commerce offices are located at 130 Penn Street in Downtown Westfield. For more information call 317-804-3030 or visit www.westfield-chamber.org.