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The Westfield Chamber of Commerce, incorporated in 1981, is a voluntary partnership of business and professional people along with community residents who together work to build a healthy local economy and improve the quality of life in the community.

What is “The Chamber”?

The Chamber is not a civic club, charitable organization, or department of the city government. The Chamber is a private, nonprofit, taxpaying corporation. It is composed of business and professional people and other citizens who believe that through united action the community can be materially enhanced and that living conditions can continuously be improved. But most of all, the Chamber is people ... people just like you. People, assisted and coordinated by the Chamber’s officers and staff, continually analyze the important elements relating to community progress. Depending on the requirements of the individual community, some projects are continuous; others are established for the purpose of meeting specific short-term goals.

As the Chamber works to accomplish these goals, it incorporates the many talents of its wide variety of members. Several areas fall into the realm of the Chamber’s care: economic development; tourist information; business development; Legislative affairs and public relations.

An active Chamber of Commerce is highly important to all businesses, professionals and other people because it pays real dividends in the form of more business, a more attractive and desirable community, and an enhanced quality of life.

From monthly activities and publications to special annual events; there is always something for everyone! With many calls inquiring about this great community, the Chamber, as the first point of contact for many, serves as the welcome mat to the Community of Westfield.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce is to promote a positive business environment in the Westfield community.


The Westfield Chamber of Commerce strives to enhance the business, educational, recreational, spiritual and cultural development of the community through the
participation of its business, professional, and community members. This purpose is based on the desire to promote a favorable business climate and a positive quality of life.

Who Are the Chamber Members?

Member Directory

Chamber of Commerce members are businesses, organizations and individuals concerned with the socio-economic climate of our community. They have joined together because they know they stand a better chance of getting things done when they speak as one voice.


Westfield Chamber of Commerce

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